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Roy Williams

Roy Williams

D.O.B.: July 30, 1907

D.O.D.: November 10, 1976

Cause of Death:

Location: Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills; Courts of Remembrance; Columbarium of Remembrance

Biographical Notes:

On Oct.27, 1954, "Disneyland" premiered and became a great success. Six weeks later Walt began his ideas for the Mickey Mouse Club. His thoughts included "By it's content and nature, the Mickey Mouse Club is planned to attract and hold the greatest available children's audience between the ages of 3 and 14 between the hours of 5 and 6, Monday through Friday."

He wanted each show to have a 15 minute cartoon and always have the same Mickey Mouse Club song and sign-off song. Each hour was divided into 15 minute segments. Each segment was either a cartoon, a skit, a special guest, etc.

Walt decided to have mouseketeers and two adult hosts which were called the mooseketeers. The two younger kids were called the meeseketeers. They needed a second adult host.

Roy Williams, who was hired by Disney after they sent him to art school, was picked. Roy had done some art work for cartoons and said "One day Walt walked into my office and said, "Say, you're funny lookin', I'm going to put you on the M.M.C. and you can be the Big Mooseketeer." So without any acting experience, Williams starred as one of the hosts for the M.M.C.

Appeared In:

“The Mickey Mouse Club” (1955) TV Series


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