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Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole

D.O.B.: March 17, 1919 (Montgomery, AL)

D.O.D.: February 15, 1965 (Santa Monica, CA)

Cause of Death: Lung Cancer

Location: Forest Lawn Glendale; Freedom Mausoleum; Sanctuary of Heritage

Biographical Notes:

From the late 1930s through the '40s, Nat Cole was known as the dazzling swing pianist who led the popular King Cole Trio and sang a little.

He was a prodigy on the piano. 

In the 1940s, the trio of a piano, bass and guitar made a string of hit records featuring Cole's ever more assured and precisely inflected vocals, including "Route 66" and "The Christmas Song." "Nature Boy," on which Cole was accompanied by a full orchestra, marked the beginning of the end of his career as a serious jazzman. 

An great singer who is also the father of Natalie Cole. He made many songs popular and memorable.

Cole smoked many cigarettes and tried to ignore his increasing health problems until he developed lung cancer, which killed him at age 45.


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