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Florence Lawrence

Florence Lawrence

"The Biograph Girl"

"First Movie Star"

D.O.B.: January 1, 1890 (Hamilton, Ontario)

D.O.D.: December 28, 1938 (Beverly Hills, CA)

Cause of Death: Suicide

Location: Hollywood Forever; Section 2

Biographical Notes:

She began her career in movies with her first film at Vitagraph.

While at in Hollywood, she became known as the "Biograph Girl" as screen credits were not that important then.

She starred in over 35 movies at Vitagraph. In 1910, a new company, IMP, wanted to steal Florence Lawrence from Vitagraph and bring her to their studio for more money.

IMP pulled a publicity stunt in which the president of IMP started a rumor that Lawrence was dead. When she signed a contract with IMP, they put ads in the newspapers declaring she was in fact not dead and at IMP.

In 1915, she was burned trying to save another in a studio fire. After that she did not star in many more films and could never regain her fame she once had.

Appeared in:

"Daniel Boone" (1907) Movie

"Resurrection" (1909) Movie


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