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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my web site!

Here are some of the questions that are frequently asked and may answer some of your questions...

Can you find my uncle?

No. The purpose of the page is to provide information on the final resting places of famous individuals. Unfortunately, I do not have any special resources to help assist you in locating your loved ones. My suggestion is to contact the vital records office in the state where your loved one passed away and request a copy of their death certificate. You may be able to find the cemetery name on the death certificate. Once you have that, you can then visit or phone the cemetery for exact location information.

How can I find out where my friend is buried?

Get a death certificate of the person. Here's a web page you can go to that has info about obtaining death certificates:

Where is my favorite actor buried?

Well, just send an e-mail to and I will try to find that information out for you.

I have a lot a pictures from so and so cemetery, would you like to use them?

No. All the pictures on the website is my property. I do not take photo submissions for various reasons.

The information on "John Doe" is incorrect or I have more information on "John Doe", how do I contact you?

Please send a e-mail to Please say who the e-mail is regarding and what needs to be corrected.

I heard "John Doe" did such and such, do you have any information on this?

Please send a e-mail to Please say who the e-mail is regarding and what information you are looking for and I will try to find out.

One of the links doesn't work, how do I contact you to fix it?

Please send an e-mail to and it will be fixed.

I want to send an e-mail to make a comment in general about the site, who do I send it to?

Please send all comments to

I want to receive an e-mail when your site will be updated, how do I get on the mailing list?

Please send a request to with "Mailing List" in the subject line.


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