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Dorothy Lamour

Dorothy Lamour

D.O.B.: December 10, 1914 (New Orleans, LA)

D.O.D.: September 22, 1996 (Los Angeles, CA)

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Location: Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills; Enduring Faith; Lot 387; #2

Biographical Notes:

Her trademark was the sarong she would wear in many of her films.

A favorite pin up girl in World War II. Also was very instrumental in helping to sell U.S. War Bonds. Approximately she sold about $300 million of bonds.

She appeared in seven movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope which is referred to as the "road" series. The most famous of these was in the Hope-Crosby "Road to ..." movies - a strange combination of adventure, slapstick, ad-libs and Hollywood inside jokes which became very popular. Of these she said "I was the happiest and highest-paid straight woman in the business."

In addition to being Miss New Orleans in 1931, she worked as a Chicago elevator operator, band vocalist (for her first husband, bandleader Herbie Kaye) and radio performer.

Appeared in:

"Road To Rio" (1947) Movie

"Road To Morocco" (1942) Movie

"Johnny Apollo" (1940) Movie

"Her Jungle Love" (1938) Movie


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