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Carl Switzer

Carl Switzer

D.O.B.: August 7, 1927 (Paris, IL)

D.O.D.: January 21, 1959 (Van Nuys, CA)

Cause of Death: Homicide

Location: Hollywood Forever; Section 6; Lot 26; #6

Biographical Notes:

Known as Alfalfa in Our Gang movies.

Carl Switzer was a trouble maker as a young actor.

He was shot and killed by a friend over a money dispute. Switzer wanted fifty dollars that he thought Stiltz owed to him. Switzer had arrived at Stiltz house drunk with a friend. Stiltz denied to Switzer that he owed him any money and with that a scuffle ensued and Stiltz shot Switzer in self defense. It was deemed justifiable homicide.

Appeared in:

"The Little Rascals" Movie as Alfalfa

"Our Gang"


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