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Los Angeles Times Article
Call them weird or macabre, but members of the group Hollywood Underground are deadly serious about their hobby: celebrity grave hunting in L.A.'s star-filled cemeteries.

How to do a Tombstone Rubbing
Check with the cemetery or with the state or local Historical Society to learn if tombstone rubbings are permissible.

Cleaning Tombstones
It is most often in the spring, usually concurrent with pilgrimages to historic homes, that the "cemetery bug" bites.

Fences Define Cemeteries
The next time you see an old or historic cemetery, look for fencing surrounding the cemetery or family plots.

How to tell Tombstones Apart
Granite Gravestones, Marble Gravestones, White Bronze Markers, Wooden Markers

How to Document a Cemetery
Unfortunately, many of the grave memorials in these cemeteries are deteriorating at an alarming rate.

Buried Treasures
We remember our heroes and icons, and our power to recall is sometimes filtered through and softened by time and the static of our daily lives.


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