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This web site is designed for the grave hunter. If you are looking for celebrities or a final resting place of the infamous and a biography, you are in the right place!

Going to a local cemetery can have many educational values. One main purpose of this site is to encourage an appreciation of the unique historical significance of that place. Nearly every community has an old cemetery of historic and educational value. A study of it can reveal much about the lives of people of the past. Once there you can enjoy the wonderful artwork and architecture of the mausoleums.

A cemetery is a quiet place; much contemplation can take place there. One can learn about the philosophy prevailing and their decoration and epitaphs. Gaze upon the monuments and come to understand the statuary and iconography common upon them.

The purpose of the page is to provide information on the final resting places of famous individuals. All the pictures on the website are our property.

Hunting Celebrity Graves since 1999

A lot of other sites out there did not have photos of the deceased star. The goal of this site is to have a face to put with the headstone and biographical notes. Ally took all of the photos.

Ally sitting on on her favorite tombstone This is Ally Wicker sitting on her favorite tombstone that she jokingly calls Stalin. It is located in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The thing that she likes best about this tombstone is the fact that it is a full sized guy.


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