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Tyrone Power

Tyrone Power

D.O.B.: May 5, 1914 (Cincinnati, Ohio)

D.O.D.: November 15, 1958 (Madrid, Spain)

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Location: Hollywood Forever; Section 8

Biographical Notes:

Tyrone Power made his stage debut at age 7 appearing with his father.

Power was cast in practically every major production turned out by the studio from 1936 through 1940.

His acting skills were secondary to his drop-dead good looks, Power was a much better actor than he was given credit at the time.

He also handled his celebrity like an old pro; he was well liked by his co-stars and crew, and from all reports was an able and respected leader of men while serving as a Marine Corps officer during World War II.

He was one of most handsome leading men to ever grace the screen.

His big break came went he met Darryl F. Zanuck and cast him in "Lloyds of London", which was a million dollar project.

He trademark role was in "The Mark of Zorro" where Tyrone played an action hero.

Appeared in:

"The Sun Also Rises" (1957) Movie

"Witness for the Prosecution" (1957) Movie

"The Eddy Duchin Story" (1956) Movie

"Rawhide" (1951) Movie

"The Mark of Zorro" (1940) Movie

"Lloyd's of London" (1936) Movie


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