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Timothy Carey

Timothy Carey

D.O.B.: March 11, 1929

D.O.D.: May 11, 1994 (Los Angeles, CA)

Cause of Death:  Stroke

Location: Rose Hills Memorial Park; Sunshine; Lot 2482, #1

Biographical Notes:

In films since 1952, character actor Timothy Carey gained a cult following for his uncompromising portrayals of sadistic criminals, drooling lechers and psycho killers.

His definitive screen moment occurred in Stanley Kubrick's "The Killing" (1955), in which, as two-bit hoodlum Nikki Arane, he gleefully shot down a race horse! Kubrick used Carey again in "Paths of Glory" (1957), this time in the sympathetic role of condemned prisoner Private Ferol. 

Equally impressed by Carey's work was director John Cassavetes, who gave the actor a leading role in "Killing of a Chinese Bookie" (1976). In 1963, Carey spoofed his unsavory screen image in Beach Blanket Bingo, playing leather-jacketed cyclist South Dakota Slim, who expresses his affection for leading lady Linda Evans by strapping her to a buzzsaw. 

One of his juiciest film roles was as a rock-singing evangelist in "The World's Greatest Sinner" (1962), which he also produced, directed and wrote. 

In his later years, Timothy Carey occasionally occupied his time as an acting teacher.

Appeared in:

"Beach Blanket Bingo" (1965) Movie

"The World's Greatest Sinner" (1962) Movie

"Paths of Glory" (1957) Movie

"The Killing" (1956) Movie


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