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Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel

D.O.B.: June 16, 1890 (England)

D.O.D.: February 23, 1965 (Santa Monica, CA)

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Location: Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills; Court of Liberty; Garden of Heritage; #910

Biographical Notes:

His father was an actor and theatre manager. 

He made his stage debut at the age of 16 at Pickard's Museum, Glasgow. 

He traveled with Fred Karno's vaudeville company to the United States in 1910 and again in 1913. While with that company he was Charlie Chaplin's understudy, and he performed imitations of Chaplin. 

After that he was in a number of shorts for Metro, Hal Roach Studios, then Universal, then back to Roach in 1926. 

His first two-reeler with Oliver Hardy was "Forty-Five Minutes from Hollywood" (1926). Their first release through MGM was "Sugar Daddies" (1927) and the first with star billing was "From Soup to Nuts" (1928). Their first feature-length starring roles were in "Pardon Us" (1931). 

Their work became more production-line and less popular during the war years, mostly producing for Twentieth Century-Fox.  

In 1960 he was given a special Oscar "for his creative pioneering in the field of cinema comedy".

Appeared in:

"A-Haunting We Will Go" (1942) Movie

"Blackheads" (1938) Movie

"Thicker Than Water" (1935) Movie

"Tit for Tat" (1935) Movie


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