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Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate

D.O.B.: January 24, 1943

D.O.D.: August 9, 1969

Cause of Death: Homicide

Location: Holy Cross; St. Ann's Garden; Tier 152; #6

Biographical Notes:

On January 20, 1968, Sharon and Roman Polanski were married in London.

Tate appeared in "Valley of the Dolls".

It was just after midnight on August 9, 1969 when Sharon and her friends Abigail Foldger, Wojtek Frykowski, Jay Sebring, and a caretaker, Steven Parent, were involved in that horrible event.

She was murdered by the "Manson Family" in her home with her four friends.

She was 8 months pregnant with her first child when she was murdered.

Appeared in:

"Valley of the Dolls" (1967) Movie


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