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Selma Diamond

Selma Diamond

D.O.B.: August 5, 1920 (Montreal, Canada)

D.O.D.: May 14, 1985 (Los Angeles, CA)

Cause of Death: Cancer

Location: Hillside Memorial; Courts of the Book, Jacob-I-4004

Biographical Notes:

Probably most recognizable from her role as “Bailiff Selma Hacker” on the TV sitcom Night Court, Selma Diamond’s acting resume was slim for someone so well suited as a character actor. Born in Montreal, Canada, and raised in New York City, she attended New York University and first found success behind the scenes as a writer for magazines, radio and television. Among her first acting roles were providing the voice of “Ginger Culpeper” for the film It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and playing “Tootsie” in Bang the Drum Slowly. In addition to Night Court, her only other regular TV role was as “Mrs. Yoast” on the soap The Edge of Night.


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