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Ross Hunter

Ross Hunter

D.O.B.:May 6, 1920 (Cleveland, OH)

D.O.D.:March 10, 1996 (Los Angeles, CA)

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Location: Westwood Memorial; Mausoleum; Near Marilyn Monroe

Biographical Notes:

Ross Hunter was a noted Hollywood producer. After serving in Army intelligence during World War II, Mr. Hunter signed a contract with Columbia. He then became a producer and produced more than sixty films. His production principle was that audiences should leave the theater either "laughing or crying". His largest success was the film Airport (1970), for which he received his sole Oscar nomination. He ended his long Universal career to join Columbia in 1971 and then Paramount in 1974, where he produced TV movies.


"Airport" (1970) Movie

"The Thrill of it All" (1963) Movie

"Pillow Talk" (1959) Movie


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