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Lloyd C. Douglas

Lloyd C. Douglas

D.O.B.: 1877 

D.O.D.: 1952 

Cause of Death:  Heart Attack

Location: Forest Lawn Glendale; Great Mausoleum; Sanctuary of the Good Shepard

Biographical Notes:

He was born in Columbia City, Indiana. He went to school to become a priest. After his ordination, he was a pastor in Indiana. In 1940 he married and had two daughters.

In 1933 he retired from the ministry and decided to become a full time writer. He had many best selling novels. "The Robe" tells about a Roman soldier in charge of the crucifixion of Jesus. The soldier searches for the truth about Jesus. 

The books "The Robe", "Magnificent Obsession" and "The Big Fisherman" were all made into films.


"These Sayings of Mine" 1926

"Magnificent Obsession" 1929

"The Robe" 1942

"The Fisherman" 1949

"The Living Faith" 1955


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