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Lew Ayres

Lew Ayres

D.O.B.: December 28, 1908 (Minneapolis, MN)

D.O.D.: December 30, 1996 (Los Angeles, CA)

Cause of Death:

Location: Westwood Memorial; Section D

Biographical Notes:

Lew Ayres career spanned seven decades and more than 60 films.

Ayres, who was the original Dr. Kildare, may be best remembered for his role as a disillusioned German soldier in the 1930 classic All Quiet on the Western Front and for his real-life conflict with the military.

Hollywood studios and moviegoers across America shunned him when he declared himself a conscientious objector and refused to fight in World War II. Eventually, he volunteered to serve as a medic and chaplain's aide, earning three battle stars, and his show business career was restored.

Ayres' first major film was "The Kiss" with Greta Garbo. In 1938, movie mogul Louis B. Mayer chose him for the lead role in Young Dr. Kildare. It was to be the first of nine successful films featuring Ayres as the crusading young physician.

He was nominated for a best actor Oscar for "Johnny Belinda". Co-star Jane Wyman won the best actress award for her role as a deaf-mute rape victim.

Ayres was married three times, in 1931 to actress Lola Lane, in 1934 to film star Ginger Rogers, and in 1965 to Diana Hall, who was a flight attendant at the time of their marriage.

Appeared In:

"Johnny Belinda" (1948)

"All Quiet On the Western Front" (1930)

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