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James Wong Howe

James Wong Howe

D.O.B.:August 28, 1899 (Canton, China)

D.O.D.:July 12, 1976 (Hollywood, CA)

Cause of Death: Cancer

Location: Westwood Memorial; Mausoleum; Sanctuary Of Tranquility

Biographical Notes:

He was one of the outstanding masters of light and shadow through the golden years of the studio era.

Known as Jimmie to his friends and coworkers, his innovations and meticulous eye gave motion pictures a look that was compelling.

Jimmie was Cecil B. DeMille's slate-boy. It wouldn't take long for this ambitious and talented young man to graduate to assistant cameraman.

By 1922 Jimmie was a full-fledged director of photography.

Originally billed as Jimmie Howe or James Howe, during his stint at M-G-M he was given the middle name of "Wong" by the publicity department to add an exotic flair.

Jimmie realized his greatest successes during the sound era. He also perfected experimental techniques that became standard after his creative applications. For example, he put the cameraman on roller skates, using a small, hand-held camera to follow the action more intimately and dramatically in the boxing ring for "Body and Soul".

His impressive roster of classic films include several Academy Award nominations and wins.


"The Rose Tattoo" (1955)

"Come Back, Little Sheba" (1952)

"Body & Soul" (1947)


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