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Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan

D.O.B.: October 26, 1914 (Los Angeles, CA)

D.O.D.: March 1, 1984 (Santa Monica, CA)

Cause of Death: Heart Failure

Location: Holy Cross; Section F; Tier 56; #47

Biographical Notes:

American actor Jackie Coogan belonged to a family of vaudevillians. At age four Coogan was already a stage attraction performing with his father when he caught the eye of Charles Chaplin, who immediately hired him (and his father as well). After giving him a bit part in the short "A Day's Pleasure", he made Coogan his co-star in the masterpiece "The Kid".

Movie audiences worldwide doted on him, but his career as a child star petered out when he was 13 and too old to be "cute."

In 1935 when his mother and stepfather refused to let him have the $4 million that he had amassed during his child acting days, he filed suit against them. When the settlement finally came, he received a mere $126,000., but the legal fight brought attention to such abuses, and resulted in the "California Child Actor's Bill" also known as the "Coogan Act" which protected the earnings of child actors.

He was married to Betty Grable for 3 years, and to three other showgirls in succession afterwards.

Jackie Coogan ended up playing the macabre 'Uncle Fester' on TV's "The Addams Family."

Appeared in:

""Sherlock Holmes in New York" (1976) TV Movie

"The Shakiest Gun in the West" (1968) Movie

"A Fine Madness" (1966) Movie

"Girl Happy" (1965) Movie

"Addams Family, The" (1964) TV Series

"The Buster Keaton Story" (1957) Movie

"Oliver Twist" (1922) Movie

"The Kid" (1921) Movie


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