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Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze

D.O.B.: June 22, 1954 (New York, NY)

D.O.D.: January 29, 1977

Cause of Death: Suicide

Location: Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills; Court of Remembrance; Sanctuary of Light; #2355

Biographical Notes:

In 1975, life was good for Freddie Prinze. With the success of "Chico and the Man", he had become one of TV's most sought after comedic actors.

He'd also married a woman he loved, who, 10 months later, gave birth to son Freddie Jr.

The fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle slowly took its toll on Prinze, who wasn't accustomed to the rigorous demands of career and family. He turned to pills and booze.

After his wife filed for divorce, his drug addiction escalated and Prinze became depressed and paranoid.

On January 28, 1977, he consumed a large number of Quaaludes and alcohol and took his own life in a hotel room with a .38 caliber pistol, leaving a note that said only: "I must end it. There's no hope left. I'll be at peace. No one had anything to do with this. My decision totally. Freddie Prinze."

Appeared in:

"Chico and the Man" (1974) TV Series


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