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Hannah Nixon Francis Nixon

Nixon's Parents

Hannah Milhous Nixon                   Francis Anthony Nixon

D.O.B.: 1885                                 D.O.B.: 1878

D.O.D.: 1967                                 D.O.D.: 1956

Location: Rose Hills Memorial Park; Sunset Lawn;  Lot 47;#3 & #4

Biographical Notes:

Francis and Hannah Nixon had five sons. 

Francis was from a Scotch-Irish farming family. Francis was born in Ohio and worked there as a streetcar motorman. 

He decided to move to a warmer climate and settled in Whittier, CA. He took a job running a trolley. This is where Francis met Hannah. She moved to California in 1897 with her parents who practiced the Quaker religion. 

Francis and she met at a Quaker meeting house in 1908. 

The year before Richard Nixon was born Francis moved his family to Yorba Linda to start a lemon grove. Once the fruit stand didn't succeed, Francis decided to move his family back to Whittier where he started a gas station which sold groceries.


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