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Durant Family

Durant Family

*Will Durant

  D.O.B.: 1885

  D.O.D.: 1981

*Ariel Durant

  D.O.B.: 1898

  D.O.D.: 1981

Location: Westwood Memorial; Urn Garden

Biographical Notes:

He was an American historian, whose works on philosophy and world history have been read by millions of people. Durant was born William James Durant in North Adams, Massachusetts.

In 1935 the first volume of his monumental and extraordinarily popular 11-volume The Story of Civilization appeared. One of the volumes, entitled Rousseau and Revolution (1967), won a Pulitzer Prize in 1968.

In the last five volumes, Durant's wife, Ariel Durant, who collaborated with her husband, was listed as coauthor.


"The Story of Civilization" (1935)


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