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Dick Powell

Dick Powell

D.O.B.: November 14, 1904 (Mountain View, AR)

D.O.D.: January 2, 1963 (West Los Angeles, CA)

Cause of Death: Cancer

Location: Forest Lawn Glendale; Columbarium of Honor; Garden of Honor

Biographical Notes:

Curly-haired actor, director, and producer, Powell worked as a vocalist and instrumentalist for bands and had several hit records.

He debuted onscreen in 1932, at first as a crooner in '30s Warner Bros. backstage musicals, often opposite Ruby Keeler.

After playing choir-boy-type leads for a decade, he made a surprising switch to dramatic roles in the 1940s, showing special skill as tough heroes or private eyes such as Philip Marlowe.

Powell's last big-screen appearance was in "Susan Slept Here", in which he once again sang; he went on to appear frequently on TV.

His career took another turn in the early '50s when he began producing and directing films; he was also a founder and president of Four Star Television, a prosperous TV production company.

His second wife was actress Joan Blondell, with whom he appeared in Model Wife(1941) and I Want A Divorced(1940); his widow is actress June Allyson.

Appeared in:

"The Dick Powell Show" (1961)

"Susan Slept Here" (1954)

"I Want A Divorce" (1940) Movie


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