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Clifton Webb

Clifton Webb

"The Irritable Bachelor"

D.O.B.: November 19, 1891

D.O.D.: October 13, 1966 (Beverly Hills, CA)

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Location: Hollywood Forever; Abbey of the Psalms; Corridor G-6, #2350

Biographical Notes:

His career started out as a dancer. Later he began doing musicals, which then lead to dramatic roles in movies.

In 1944, he was cast in the film Laura, then receiving a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

He was an actor that became typecast as an irritable bachelor in 1948. He played Mr. Belvedere in the movie "Sitting Pretty". For that movie he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar.

He was in the original "Titanic".

Appeared in:

"The Razor's Edge" (1946) Movie

"Sitting Pretty" (1948) Movie

"Laura" (1954) Movie

"Titanic" (1953) Movie


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