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Chico Marx

Chico Marx

D.O.B.: March 22, 1887 (New York City, NY)

D.O.D.: October 11, 1961 (Hollywood, CA)

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Location: Forest Lawn Glendale; Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Worship

Biographical Notes:

Chico was the second child in the Marx family, but his older brother Manfred died in infancy, so Chico had the role of the oldest.

The legend for his nickname "Chico" says that he got it from chasing "chicks".

He was always willing to take any bet, and would be a life long gambling addict. He was also famous for his way with the opposite sex.

He was probably the most reckless of the group but it often paid off for them all. It was his ideas and drive that made the other boys hang in there during the tough times.

Chico played in all Marx Brothers vaudeville shows and films.

He also did a radio show with Groucho and later worked as a musician.

He remained a performer for all his life, often working the same small circuits as an old man that he had worked as a boy. He had to do this because of the amount of money he lost over the years gambling.

He was once asked how much money he had lost and his reply was "Ask Harpo how much he's made and that' how much I've lost."

At his funeral a man stood up and began eulogizing him. He painted a totally inaccurate picture of who Chico Marx had been. It got so bad at one point during the service Harpo leaned over to Maxine and whispered "When I go, do me a favour and hire a mime."

Appeared in:

"Monkey Business" (1931)

"The Cocoanuts" (1931)

"Humor risk" (1921)


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