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Charles Nash

Charles Nash

D.O.B.: January 28, 1864 (DeKalb, IL)

D.O.D.: June 6, 1948 (Beverly Hills, CA)

Cause of Death:

Location: Forest Lawn Glendale; Great Mausoleum; Sanctuary of Courage

Biographical Notes:

He headed Nash Motors and made it into one of America's largest auto makers.

In 1897 he drove his first automobile. He then joined William Durant and David D. Buick in forming the Buick Motor Co. By 1908, Nash was Buick's president and general manager

The 52-year-old Nash bought the Kenosha company and incorporated it as the Nash Motor Co. in July 1916. His plan was to build a reliable, but simple car for the average working man.

He also pioneered buying cars through financing since most Americans couldn't pay cash for a new automobile and dealers couldn't afford to carry them on credit.

He was once quoted as saying in 1930 "Before I'll recognize a union, I'll close the plant and throw the key in Lake Michigan."

Well, he eventually had to recognize a union. With the changing times he could do nothing else.


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