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Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton

D.O.B.: October 4, 1895 (Piqua, KS)

D.O.D.: February 1, 1966 (Los Angeles, CA)

Cause of Death: Lung Cancer

Location: Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills; Court of Liberty; Garden of Heritage

Biographical Notes:

Buster Keaton appeared in vaudeville with his parents in an act of how to discipline a prankster child. He was constantly being thrown around the stage, but kept a poker face. When he was 6-months old, he fell down stairs and Houdini rushed to get the him. Houdini was laughing and said "That was some buster your baby took!" That nickname stuck.

In his first film he appeared with Fatty Arbuckle. He had his own production company by 1921.

He got married to Natalie Talmadge, the shy sister of Norma and Constance. The couple were not a perfect match. She was passive and Buster was lively. They appeared to everyone else to be an affectionate couple. The couple had two sons were born. After the two sons were born, Natalie gave into her family and she was not to have any more children with Buster. The marriage didn't last.

1933 brought a divorce, alcoholism, and almost bankrupt. In 1935, he sobered up. He found love with his last wife, Eleanor Norris. She helped him get his finances back in order, his life back in order and gave him the love he wanted.

Appeared in:

"The Butcher Boy" (1971) Movie

"The General" (1927) Movie

"The Saphead" (1920) Movie


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