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Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi

"Count Dracula"

D.O.B.: October 20, 1882 (Lugos, Austria-Hungary)

D.O.D.: August 16, 1956 (Hollywood, CA)

Cause of Death: Heart Attack

Location: Holy Cross; Grotto; Tier 120, #1

Biographical Notes:

In WWI he volunteered and was commissioned as an infantry lieutenant. While doing that, he was wounded three times.

In 1931 he became an American Citizen after arriving in New York in 1921.

He helped to organize the Screen Actors Guild and joined it as member number 28.

He was buried in his full Dracula costume with the cape.

Appeared in:

"Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" (1943) Movie

"The Ghost of Frankenstein" (1942) Movie

"The Wolf Man" (1941) Movie

"White Zombie" (1932) Movie

"Dracula" (1931) Movie


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