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Barbara La Marr

Barbara La Marr

"The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful"

D.O.B.: July 28, 1896 (Yakima, WA)

D.O.D.: January 30, 1926 (Altadena, CA)

Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

Location: Hollywood Forever; Cathedral Mausoleum; #1308

Biographical Notes:

The girl who was known as "The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful" became a star. At the urging of Mary Pickford, she began her career in movies in front of the camera instead of writing screenplays.

She played a wicked vamp in "The Nut". After her role in "The Three Musketeers" she started to become a threat to Gloria Swanson as a beauty. During the filming of "Souls For Sale" La Marr sustained an injury. Doctors then administered pain killers which she mixed with alcohol, which she loved.

As she became more popular, she became more stressed. With her drug and alcohol problem, it caught up with her in 1926.

Louis B. Mayer, a fan of La Marr's, christened his new star, Hedy La Marr.

Appeared in:

"Harriet And The Piper" (1920) Movie

"The Three Musketeers" (1921) Movie

"The Nut" (1921) Movie

"The Girl From Montmartre" (1926) Movie


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