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Audrey Meadows

Audrey Meadows

D.O.B.: February 8, 1922 (Wuchang, China)

D.O.D.: February 3, 1996 (Los Angeles, CA)

Cause of Death: Lung Cancer

Location: Holy Cross Cemetery; Section F; Tier 29; #57

Biographical Notes:

Audrey Meadows is famous for her role as 'Alice Kramden', wife of Ralph Kramden (played by Jackie Gleason) in the classic TV sitcom "The Honeymooners".

She became a sought-after dramatic actress as well, and appeared in every major television playhouse production, including the prize-winning Alfred Hitchcock drama.

Later, she played the Ted Knight's cranky mother-in-law in the sitcom "Too Close for Comfort".

Appeared in:

"Too Close for Comfort" (1980) TV Series

"The Honeymooners" (1955) TV Series


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