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Roland West

Roland West

D.O.B.: February 20, 1885 (Cleveland, OH)

D.O.D.: March 31, 1952 (Santa Monica, CA)

Cause of Death:  

Location: Forest Lawn Glendale; Acacia, Block 5130, Lawn Crypt 5

Biographical Notes:

Roland West directed over 10 films from 1916 to 1931. West's films are crime thrillers that take place at night and which are visually influenced by German Expressionism. This is exactly the same combination of conditions that gave rise to film noir in the 1940's. 

Thelma Todd had entered into a business relationship with Roland West, a film director, who lived in the adjacent apartment to Todd, above the Sidewalk Cafe they co-owned.  He had entered her life in 1930 when he cast her in the film Corsair, under the name of Alison Lloyd.  They had a stormy love affair some time before they opened the Sidewalk Cafe.  West then got married to Jewel Carmen and they, along with Todd,  lived side by side above the cafe. West is suspected in the murder of Thelma Todd.


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