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How to Tell Tombstones Apart

Granite Gravestones: Granite is a very strong mineral used to identify
graves since about the turn of the [20th] century when stone carvers
developed tools to carve the lettering. It holds a polish well and generally
will have multi-colored grains.

Marble Gravestones: Marble was used for most early grave markers. It is
generally white or blue-gray and often shows veining. Because it is a soft
mineral, early stone carvers often included beautiful artwork on their
marble grave monuments.

White Bronze Markers: These monuments look to be a gray-green color and
often surprise folks when they realize they are metal (zinc). If you are in
doubt about whether you are looking at a metal marker, tap it lightly. White
bronze monuments are hollow.

Wooden Markers: Early pioneers and settlers sometimes marked graves with
wooden crosses or slabs. Some contemporary graves are also marked this way.
Old wooden markers are hard to find and harder to read.


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